Mortgage Broker of the Year 2019

Finance Solutions are extremely proud to announce they have just been named Mortgage Broker Expert winners at the Broker Expert Awards 2022. This award was designed to ensure that those at the forefront of the profession are identified and commended. The event aims to give recognition to the life, pension and investment brokers who have proved their excellence, professionalism and dedication to maintaining high standards in the Irish market.

LPI Mortgage Broker of the Year 2019

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Here at Finance Solutions

We have a strong and supportive team who work closely together to ensure our clients get the best services possible. We are hardworking, determined and enjoy a positive, friendly work environment. Our services include mortgages, pensions and insurance, with each service varying to suit the individual case.

Our company objectives are:

To help our clients achieve their goals within a suitable solution that is tailored to their needs. These goals can range from getting a new home, setting up a pension plan or taking out a variety of insurance policies.

finance solutions

We understand these financial processes can seem stressful and daunting, and it can be hard to know where to begin. In order to overcome this, we focus on reassuring our clients that with our help they can go about achieving their goals in a stress-free way. We do this through the use of extensive research that is then communicated clearly and honestly. We use language that clients can easily understand and explain things realistically. We are a very ethical company and get immense satisfaction from knowing our clients are receiving the best possible advice and rates for their circumstances.

To build an honest and long lasting relationship with each and every one of our clients.

A core part of how we do business is strong customer relationships. Although we have a large and diverse client base, each member of staff treats clients as individuals, promoting a great relationship between the two. Early starts and late evenings are common in order to meet the needs of clients with hectic schedules. We constantly invite clients into the office or go out and meet them in a location convenient to them. We pride ourselves in being an approachable team. We like our clients to feel as if they can ring or email us with any questions, no matter how trivial. We feel this is vital in ensuring the clients are comfortable with us as their broker. Every action is focused towards client convenience in the process of them getting their home.

To maintain a good work ethic when dealing with our lenders on behalf of our clients.

The work ethic in our office is brilliant. Everyone is determined and vigilant in every aspect of their work. We are a driven team and like to set goals for ourselves. We understand that success does not come without hard work and effort and this philosophy has proven to bring great results. We understand that it is important to have a good relationship with each of the lenders. Through this we have quick access to the most current rates and can thus collect relevant, up to date information for our clients.

By choosing us as your broker you will be working with a diligent, reliable team who are completely focused on getting you the most competitive rates in a way that is as convenient as possible for you.

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