Buy To Let

Buy To Let

Whether you're just starting or expanding your rental portfolio the key to a successful buy to let investment is to plan your finances and choose the right property. Once, you’ve done this the next step is securing the finance to make a purchase. Just like all other mortgage types, if you go direct to a bank they can only offer you their individual product and rates. We can present your application to a variety of lenders and then show you a clear picture of your options.

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  1. How can we help?

    We have extensive experience in the buy to let market and so we understand what information the banks want. We can help you present a strong application and successfully secure the finance you need.

  2. What you need to know.

    Buy to let mortgages are different in the way that the affordability criteria is primarily based on the expected monthly income generated from letting the property to a tenant. Therefore, the location, size and value of the property is a key part of the application process.

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    To find out more information about what options are available why not complete our online enquiry form and speak to one of our experienced mortgage advisors today.